from Stanwood, WA

Davey & Sarah Akin

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

70% of men and 35% of ministers deal with this everyday in the church! Worldwide profits of the sex industry have exceeded $97 billion and continue to grow. Prostitution alone generates $186 billion per year worldwide. The Akins are committed to seeing the Church freed from this bondage to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit

Evergreen Church

Anacortes, WA, USA

Corbin Anderson and John McLeod have planted a new church in the community of Anacortes, WA. While picturesque and beautiful, it is desperate need of a strong church presence and the permeating power of the Gospel. 

Satoshi & Nozomi Ueno

Mishigahawa, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

The Uenos are pioneering the Gospel in one of the hardest places in the world....Japan. Yet, God is giving them success as they minister to tsunami victims, share Bible stories throgh caligraphy with the elderly, and reach the next generation through surfing and SUP (stand up paddleboarding) ministry. 

Dave Johnson

Central Africa

Dave is the National Director of Next Generation Ministry for Worldwide Discipleship Association, but also serves on the President’s advisory council, the international advisory council, and on the curriculum team. Dave travels multiple times a year to central Africa to train local pastors in how to disciple their people to maturity.