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1 / Centrality of the Gospels

Those who know Jesus can't help but talk about the Gospel. The Spirit of God fulfills Deuteronomy 6 as God's people center our lives on the Word, as we talk about it when we fellowship, share meals, and walk together. For Jesus' disciples in every generation, the Gospel is the focal point!

2 / Unashamed Evangelism

Jesus was a "stranger" to the disciples on the Emmaus Road, yet they were unashamed to talk openly about the Gospel. They shared all that they could about their experiences, and all they knew about Jesus. Christ's followers should not be content that the people around them don't know the Good News. We are compelled to share it with them!

3 / Teaching The Word

Jesus taught them as they walked along the road, taking them back to Moses (the Law) and the Prophets, and expounding to them about Himself. So we also must teach God's people the Word of God. The ultimate hermeneutic (rule of interpretation) is John 5:39 - All of Scripture is about Jesus!

4 / Intensity of Community

These disciples were journeying together. They were walking, sharing, and living their lives together. They gave thanks to God and broke bread, and as they did, Jesus was revealed to them! As they embraced the Centrality of the Gospel, engaged in Evengelism, heard the Teaching of the Word, and lived in Community, Jesus was revealed to those who faithfully followed!

5 / Inconvenience of Ministry

That revelation was so stirring that they rose up in the dark and ran 7 miles back to Jerusalem to share the news. That is being willing to be inconvenienced! So we, too, are compelled to share the Good News and minister to others that need to hear it. We pray that God would stir our hearts that we would be inconvenienced to take the Message of Hope to others! 

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